Friday, June 29, 2012

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Aplikasi Android office suit untuk membuka file .txt,Word,Power point dan Excel

oke gan kali ini saya akan share tentang aplikasi android yang digunakan untuk membuka dokumen dari word,excel,power point dan sudah support format terbaru docx,xlsx,pptx, dan pdf juga sudah bisa dibuka oleh aplikasi ini. 

  • Ability to create new DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX documents
  • Open, edit and save documents in the commonly used TXT and CSV formats
  • Open PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX presentations
  • PDF files viewing
  • Access and open email documents attachments
  • Open ZIP files
  • Own integrated File explorer for easy file and folder management
  • Integration with Google Docs allows you to access your remotely stores documents
  • An unique for a mobile office application feature allows you to look up selected word meaning in a dictionary or a reference book (for text documents only)
  • Compatible with all Android 1.5 and higher phones, including Android 2.2
  • Enhanced for high resolution Android tablets and netbooks

    selamat mencoba :D

    1. Kalau pakai polaris gimana ya mas, apa kekurangannya polaris?

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    2. berapa kapasitas microsoft word di android???